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WCTF @ LiUNA Local 183

The Wood Construction Training Facility (WCTF] is not so much a building as it is a deployment of best practices in wood frame construction and techniques. Changes to the building code allowing for combustible construction in mid-rise buildings up to 6 storeys have underscored the logistical and technical challenges within mid-rise construction. The recent spectrum of technologies created to address these challenges has inadvertently left a void in the comprehensive knowledge base.

Standard Practice listened to LiUNA's objective to become the leading educator in mid-rise wood frame construction. We took a two-pronged approach starting with a rigorous distinction between office and field functions. Through the optimal use of new technologies including CNC, prefabrication, and engineered wood products, multiple methods of construction are explored simultaneously. This creates a comprehensive comparison of methods and techniques for builders to consider and evaluate.


Full-scale building mockups are deployed every two years. The result is a series of temporary building designs used as tools to teach best construction techniques and methods that further reinforce stronger communication between all disciplines and greater accuracy and efficiency in the field.

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